Tragedy strikes at CSUN Team - Memorial for Isaac Breault

Memorial for Isaac Breault
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One of our extended College Hockey family members, Isaac Breault, tragically passed away on Friday August 25th. He was 19 and just completed his first season with Cal State Northridge in Division II.

It is unthinkable to understand the grief his hockey father is going through right now.
Please find in your heart to help his dad, Ronnie Breault who had spent every breathing minute of the last 12 years enjoying what every hockey dad and mom do: watch their kids learn to play ice hockey and promote the sport.

Memorial for Isaac Breault

Thank you.
R.I.P. Isaac Breault.

Thank you very much to everyone for your donations, the love and support for Isaac and Ron and CSUN Hockey Club is absolutely overwhelming!

The campaign has ended as our ultimate goal has been reached!

If anybody still wants to donate privately to the Breault family - please follow original link and check the update messages.

The Memorial Ceremony honoring Isaac’s life is tentatively scheduled for October 14th, details to follow.

Isaac , bless your soul , we all love you.