Unlv gifted autobid?

So because UNLV didn’t plan on playing in regionals and can’t afford it they are gifted the only remaining auto bid? How does this make any sense. Not our fault they didn’t plan on having a slump semester. Their schedule is weak. They had a horrible weekend in Colorado and are being given a handout. Same with Williston. Their schedule is trash. Not fair to teams like NAU and USU who are both playing great hockey. UNLV has only played USU once and will not schedule another game? C’mon.

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I heard that the top 12 teams (1-12) in the West are required to go to regionals to compete for 3 nationals spots because Miami (OH) is getting an auto-bid to nationals from the West and there will not be any other nationals autobids for the West? So then the Southeast will have 5 teams at nationals and the West will have 3? Doesn’t seem fair to the teams in the West that are fighting for that 3rd and 4th spot…

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I heard UNLV is getting the auto bid handed to them because they can’t afford regionals or Nationals. Williston shouldn’t even be #1 because of their schedule weakness. So I heard UNLV and Williston are getting the auto bids already because Williston hasn’t moved from number 1 since the first ranking.

If the season ended today, wouldn’t Williston and UNLV get the autobids? Ranked #1 and #2. Are you saying that they will get autobids regardless? Even if they slip to #3 or #4?

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From what I have heard yes. UNLV has been complaining. They are losing some big games. Especially at the Colorado showcase. Losing to Denver and Boise and tying metro? Not good at all from the supposed top team in the West. UNLV is worried they might drop to 3 or 4 and has been complaining that they didn’t set money aside to travel to regionals or Nationals. So I heard that the west region manager is giving them an AUTOBID regardless. When teams like USU and NAU who have had much tougher schedules will get screwed out of a chance for an auto bid.

The only reason I mention Williston is because they have an extremely easy schedule. Their hardest game would be against Minot State.

USU and NAU have been playing extremely well this semester and it would be a shame that poor planning on UNLV’s end and their constant complaining for their golden children will get them an autobid. Extremely unfair.

Rules are rules. Always plan to be at regionals. Teams lose players at semester because of grades etc. Just cause you had a hot first semester doesn’t mean you will coast through the second semester.

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Although I believe this user was banned. It’s worth noting for prosperity that this was a troll attempt and most of what they said is false or seriously biased.

Unlv are dweebz

They have a kid who played NCAA hockey and kid who was paid during his junior career.

Played 4 NCAA seasons

They also happen to be just about the slimiest team in the ACHA. Top to bottom, that entire organization is just 2nd rate trash. To clarify, the organization…not the product on the ice.

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Hope ACHA Division I keeps a close eye on them. I know they are looking to expand into new markets, and Las Vegas and UNLV in general is a powerful name, but just 2 years ago this program was an absolute disgrace. Yes things change quickly, and it looks some money is being poured into it, but that doesn’t mean the program is squeaky clean either. I know there was some eligibility concerns this season, that I believe just go unpunished at the D2 level. Also, slimy might be the understatement of the century. Still trying to get some of that goo off of my hand…

Seems to me there are some bitter people on this thread. They’re slimy because they’re good? Because they’ve improved they had to have cheated? Congrats to the Rebels hockey team on their first trip to Nationals.

Seems to me there are some people with the inability to read on this thread. (Lookin’ at you akhockey) I believe I stated above the product on the ice was not the issue, good or bad. Where I take issue is with the blatant disrespect the organization has for their opponents, their opponents programs, and the league they compete in. It’s one thing to be self aware, be a good team, and carry yourself as such. It’s another to turn a basement program around, in a 24 month time frame, then proceed to act like a classless band of traveling gypos who just hit the numbers. In the end, doesnt matter really, they are now out of my orbit. God willing, my organization never has to deal with their gross people again.

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[quote=“Doober_2.0, post:13, topic:364”]
then proceed to act like a classless band of traveling gypos who just hit the numbers. In the end, doesnt matter really, they are now out of my orbit. God willing, my organization never has to deal with their gross people again [/quote]

Couldn’t agree more!