West D2 Beehive Classic results

NAU 10 CU Boulder 0

USU 2 ASU 2 (no shootout)

Montana tech beat GCU 6-3. Looks like Met State lost 3-1 to Weber last night as well. I suppose its a good thing that game was close, looks like a 10 spot was par for the course for everyone else who made the trip from CO. Not a good showing from the centennial. Do those 10’s go on the scorecard as a snowman?..Are we playing those rules?

NAU 6 Boise 0
ASU 2 Metro 2 (ASU wins shootout)

Weber State 6 CU Boulder 1

Impressed with how ASU is doing tying both USU and Metro. How was the game vs Metro? ASU’s goalie stood on his head against USU. he do it again?

UNC getting pounded twice in a row is a big surprise too. Whats up wiht that?

UNC has not had a good weekend so far. Vs. USU they were never in the game at all. They scored 2 late goals on a 5 on 3 pp. They were down 7-0 going into the 3rd. I don’t know if they are missing players this week or what, but it is really unexpected. They play a hot Weber State team tonight.

ASU goalie is playing amazing the last two games. He faced 62 shots vs. USU and I would guess around 45 vs. Metro.

Same kid both times? don’t they hve like 3 goalies?


So 3 ties for ASU

Good showing on the road against some tough teams.

Not sure of the other scores, but for UNLV:

vs. UNC (10-1 UNLV)
vs. Montana Tech (10-2 UNLV)
vs. Boise State (4-2 UNLV)
vs. Metro State (10-1 UNLV)
4-0-0, 34/6/+28 (GF/GA/Gdiff)

UNLV just received word that they will be ACHA M1 next season.

Thanks Sheriff, any word on if the WCHL will let them in without a travel partner?

So where are the rest of the scores for the Beehive? From the scores we got why didn’t UNLV play Utah State or Weber? There’s only a few scores for the Liberty tournament too. If scores are posted more people will check in to this site. Or I’m looking in wrong place.