West Games 9/30

SDSU over CSU Fullerton 6-3.

CSUN 4-2 over CAL
USC 14-2 over LMU
SJSU 4-1 over SCU
NAU 3-1 over Utah State
DU 6-5 over WYO

Colorado 3 @ N. Colorado 9

Utah State 9-2 over ASU
Weber 3-2 over UNLV

Great showing Utah schools! Too bad the Utes couldn’t get a win in Jamestown, ND.

Very physical game between UNLV and Weber with lots of penalties and a scrum at the end of the game. No hand shake between the teams.

SDSU over CSU Fullerton 8-1

CSUN 4- San Jose State 4
Very fun game to watch. Right now seems like those two and San Diego State are leading the pack in California.

Which Asu team did usu play? That sounds extremely typical of unlv, and Weber. You know the wildcats are licking the Windows inside their bus the entire way home.

USU played ASU D2. Last year they were the Maroon team as Elite moved up to ACHA D1 this year. So Maroon is the only ASU team in D2 this year.

CSUN 3- San Jose State 2

Utah State 12- Grand Canyon 0

Really thought Colorado would show us a bit more against Northern CO. Thought GCU would be a bit better than the wipe USU put on em…guess I was putting a bit too much stock in the West Predictions thread.

GCU definitely seems to be overrated. Still too early I think to form an opinion on CU.