West Games Jan 6-7

January 6th
Utah Valley over Boise State 6-0
Colorado State (D3) vs Denver University 6-5 (shootout)
University of Washington vs Western Washington 6-5

January 7th
Boise over Utah Valley 8-0
Colorado State (D3) vs Denver University 3-1
BYU over Utah State 2-1

Can anybody figure out how long it’s been since BYU has had an in-state win? Has to be about 5 years, and have they ever beat Utah State?

Last time was 2005, I believe

Actually, looks like almost exactly 8 years. Sounds like this game was a wild one. Also looks like the teams were pretty evenly matched and traded wins at home back and forth for quite a few seasons.

They beat UVU last semester, 10-2. other than that it has been awhile since they had an in-state win tho they do have some ties against Weber and U of U recently. its been since 2008 since they last beat USU. the program is getting more competitive.

What happened to Boise St. losing 6-0 vs UVU? Did they lose a lot of players for second semester?

i asked around (im originally from Boise) and they only had 2 lines of players show up and some of their bets players weren’t there. Good for uvu tho.

BYU beat in-State rival UVU last semester, so it hasn’t been five years winless against in-State teams. What’s with the flip flop in Boise this weekend?