West Region Pre-Season Thoughts?

A couple of spots open up this year due to ASU-Elite and Utah moving up. What are everyone’s thoughts on the West outlook? I think there are certain teams that are locks for Auto Bids and/or Regionals and probably 10-15 teams that will battle it out for the last spots. Should be a fun year with some new teams coming in.

Arizona State
UNLV (Really impressive recruiting class)
Utah State
Northern Arizona
Northern Colorado
Weber State
Texas Team (Due to the auto bid, most likely A&M)

In The Mix
Boise State
Montana Tech
Metro State
Cal State Northridge
San Jose State
San Diego State
Grand Canyon (Brand new team but brought in some serious talent)
Colorado? (Brand new team, don’t know what to expect)

Colorado had over 75 people show up for their D1/D2 tryouts so they’ll be in the mix for sure.

I figured they would be, I just didn’t know for sure. Thanks for the info! Anyone else have info on the West?

I have a feeling that Grand Canyon will be big out of the gates. That Phoenix area is flush with hockey players. You can even consider the entire state, when you look at asu, u of a, and nau as well.

Two players from WSHL Idaho Steelheads will be playing for Boise State.

Are they new? I know they’ve already got a handful that played for them previously.

Per the WSHL website


Im biased however I say watch UTEp will surprise this year.

Utah over Weber State 4-1

UTEP 5 TCU 1 First game of year for UTEP

Here are my preseason, well, week 1 thoughts.

  1. USU
  2. NAU
  3. Williston St
  4. UNC
  5. UNLV
  6. Weber St
  7. MSU Denver
  8. Arizona St
  9. Denver
  10. Boise St
  11. Colorado
  12. SDSU

Just misses out: WYO, Montana Tech, SJSU,

*edited…forgot the just misses.

Williston State is in the Central.

Fair assessment, has DU or Metro State played any games yet? And I thought I had heard Williston St was in the West. Is there anywhere it states what region they are in? Next week will be another big weekend for the West.

ASU travels to UNLV
NAU plays UofA D1
Boise St is hosting a showcase with Weber St, DU, Mont Tech, UNC, Utah St, and Boise St. Should be a good one.

I don’t understand how you have USU #1. They lost to both NAU and UNLV who you have ranked bellow them.

Top 5 for me is:

  1. NAU
  2. UNLV
  3. USU
  4. Weber State
  5. UNC.

Still too early to tell, but UNC looking like top 4. Not quite sure about their 0-10 debacle against USU and especially the reported 42-40 SOG. Strange, but aside from that they are 6-0 to include some good teams. Weber State still a TBD on being a top 5. Boise State to challenge that sport and then a whole bunch of let’s see a few more games…

Looks like UNC and DU split this weekend. DU has done well this past couple of weeks