West Region Predictions


What happened to all of the “Don Cherrys” of the West in 2018? :smile:
There is a lot of excitement out there - and no comments?

Interesting results from the Beehive, some are quite surprising:
Colorado State-2 CSUN-9
Mary University-4 BYU-2
Michigan State-2 Northern Colorado-3
Dakota College-8 ASU-3
Utah State-2 NAU-4
Weber-4 Williston-5
GCU-6 Utah Valley-0
Mary University-2 CSUN-1
Utah State-3 Michigan State-5
Weber-5 Dakota College-3
GCU-6 Williston-3
ASU -3 BYU -4
Utah Valley-1 Colorado State-12
NAU-3 Northern Colorado-6
Williston-5 CSUN-7
Utah State-1 Northern Colorado-2
Weber-3 Michigan State-6
Mary University-5 NAU -1
GCU-2 Dakota College-5
ASU -5 Utah Valley-0
Colorado State-4 BYU -6
Mary University-3 GCU-3
Weber-1 Northern Colorado-7
NAU -7 Colorado State-1
Utah State-2 Dakota College-8
Michigan State -3 Williston-5