West regional format overhaul

Can I get an explanation of the new regional format for the west? Additionally, why does the west have to sacrifice a spot at the national tourney? Will each region have to take a turn sending 3 teams to nationals every year it’s in Columbus? Why was that bid not taken from the region the team plays in? Finally, why was the west region not made aware of any of this until the month beforehand? I am a firm acha supporter but I have to say, I feel like this has not been handled well at all.

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What is the premise that the West only gets 3 teams to nationals? Where is the other team getting the auto bid from and for what reason? Also where was that information found or what was the source? I saw the rumors that Miami OH was getting the autobid but why would they deserve it? They aren’t even a top 3 in their own division…

It is because @Sheriff only cares about his “top” programs. Aka the money makers for him. I mean just look at the promises he has made and none of them have came true yet. He has made minor changes and that’s about the extent. At the end of the day he only cares about D1 and the other divisions mine as well run for the hills.

We are being scammed by them.

I don’t want to overstep my boundaries, as it doesn’t seem like it has been officially announced by the acha quite yet. The reason for this thread was to hopefully have S clarify for everyone…but from the information I’ve gathered, from a credible source, the acha will be reformatting the west regional tournament this year. There will be no autobids, teams 1-12 will have to play at regional tournament in Colorado. Well, teams 1-11, with pac8 rep taking regional autobid. The fourth, west national tournament spot, will go to SE host team. 6 games day one, 3 games day two, 3 winners will get invite to national tournament.

Host team? This is ACHA college hockey, you should earn your spot in the tournament like everybody else…

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Thank you for your input, but despite all the chatter, the West will have the same opportunity as the other three M2 regions. John Eccles, who is an absolute prince & gentleman, is working with the regional tournament host to work the times/days. Williston State appears to be a lock for the first autobid, but the second autobid appears to be a dog fight among UNLV, NAU, & USU. Looking forward to the NAU-UNLV showdown this next weekend.

There is much discussion among many in M2 & M3 to alter the post season format to expand the regionals, & to include more teams, providing more opportunity, in the near future. Options include status quo, 16 team regionals, no national autobids, or 12 team regionals (as the West was attempting to experiment with) & 1 auto-bid.

Looking forward to seeing the best 4 West teams in Columbus.


Very relieved to hear that is the case. As always, thank you for clarifying.

achahockey05 that’s really uncalled for. It’s sad that your post even got posted. Posts like yours really take the fun out of the hockey board. Sad


The same Juco team who is 8-0 against other ACHA D2 teams and with 3 wins over ACHA D1 teams?


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