West Weekend 1/27-1/29

Denver forfeited to SDSU. Refs never showed up.

That is huge for SDSU and too bad for the teams right around them in the rankings.

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Did we ever find out how a forfeit gets recorded? Is it a 7-0 or 1-0 win?

MSU Denver - 2
Colorado State - 4

UNC - 5
CU - 5

CU has come along way since the beginning of the year. I expect them to get into regionals and they could be a lower seed that makes some noise.

1-0 win

SDSU scored 6 in the first vs. CU Boulder to go on to win 8-1. Final game in Colorado tomorrow vs. Metro State.

MSU Denver - 3
Colorado State - 3

UNC - 1
Denver U - 5


Utah State 3-0 over BYU
Utah DI over Weber State 6-2


DI Utah 6-2 over Utah State
BYU 6-4 over Weber State

SDSU sweeps Colorado, beating Metro State 8-5

a) you won by forfeit at DU because of a scheduling error… Didn’t they just beat you at home by the way…

B) ya, you got one over on CU…

C) you won a trap game at
Metro 12 hrs after they wrapped up a home and home series against a very good in state rival.

D) you didn’t play CSU, UNC, or Air Force. So technically you swept half of Colorado.

Not making excuses for any of those teams, just thought it was worth mentioning.

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