Which school / program draws the biggest fan's

I am trying to decide on a college for next year but still want to play hockey. What schools have a great criminal justice program and at least D2 hockey?

I know a few guys that go to Towson University (ACHA D1), outside of Baltimore. One of them is a criminal justice major there, and they all really love the school and hockey.


I wouldnt worry too much about D1 v D2 v D3 really… I mean there are D2 teams that are better then D1 and D3 teams better then D2… Plus no matter what your not going pro, so choose a school for the school, hockey is just a bonus


University of Arizona, when they play Arizona State at the Tucson Arena. Large, loud crowds. With the Roadrunners in their second season in the same barn, there have been a lot of improvements and upgrades to the arena.

Other games still have decent crowds, but nothing like the ASU games.

I just saw this , so my reply is late. Rider University has criminal justice and homeland security undergrad and grad program withD2 hockey.