ACHA M1 2021-22 predictions

Let’s get this board going. Start sharing on the twitters, facebooks, instagrams, and tik toks. Who we got for D1 this year? I’m going final four: Liberty, Lindenwood, Davenport, Minot, with Liberty taking it home this year. Also think Robert Morris makes a strong push this year. Any teams dropping programs down or completely eliminating? Any teams moving up?

How many from d1 team will be on the ACHA team at rmu?

Minot will be interesting to watch the first half of the year to see how the team responds to a new HC in coach Wyatt. We recruited well and only lost 5 seniors i believe.

Who are the best funded programs ?

Alright nearly 2 months in. Any big surprises so far? Anyone ranked higher than they should be?

Here’s what I’m going with right now, let the debate begin:

  1. Lindenwood
  2. Minot
  3. Iowa state
  4. Stony Brook
  5. Liberty
  6. Adrian
  7. Indiana tech
  8. Michigan Dearborn
  9. Central Oklahoma
  10. Ohio
  11. Unlv
  12. Robert morris
  13. Maryville
  14. Missouri state
  15. Jamestown

Pitt will be ranked ahead of Robert Morris unless Robert Morris ends up beating Ohio this weekend. I’ll be interested to see where Niagara ends up. NYU will be somewhere in the top 20 I would imagine, IUP might be able to squeeze into the top 25 too.