All Americans? Still not posted

@Sheriff can you get the all Americans posted? Different year same issues with this stuff. Clean up the act sir!

How about the D2 awards? Any news on those?

Can someone please explain to me why Joe Mazzie of Farmingdale was awarded Coach of the Year? Decent season, but doesn’t compare to Jordan Permoda of Aquinas or Andrew Burke of Bryn Athyn?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say “Because he won the vote.”

Also, I don’t know how D3 decides on their nominations for Coach of the Year, but neither one of those coaches one their Regions award, so it’s possible neither one was eligible for the National Coach of the Year.


D1 also has not been announced/posted.


Both coaches are leaving the acha next year I am a voter we opted not to vote for them because of that. Sorry. Take a hike.

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Moving on to bigger and better leagues. That’s exactly the mindset of the ACHA, you said it perfectly. See ya!