Around the Atlantic

Let’s go boys… Let’s get some chatter going here… Scores for this weekend…News around the region…

This is what I found on the Twitterverse

Maryland 7 - Hopkins 6 (OT)
Farmingdale 7 - George Mason 2
Rowan 3 - Rutgers 2
Fordham 4 - Ramapo 3
UDel 9 - PSU Harrisburg 5
UPJ 6 - RMU 2
Fredonia 6 - U Rochester 3
Connecticut College (D2) 5 - Quinnipiac 4 (OT)

Humm, let’s see:

Surely the Rowan and Maryland games were too close for comfort for them. I think either way, probably bad results (per computer rankings) as these teams probably should’ve beaten these teams by more.
It looks like Farm dodged one against GMU, that game was 2-1 going into the third, however, the cream rose there.

UCONN(B) out lasted a short WCSU bench 7-3. Both teams are building a solid foundation

Should be interesting to see the d2 teams that moved down to d3, and how the rankings work out with that move.

Is M3 following computer rankings this year, or still haven’t made the official jump there?