Atlantic D3 final rankings guess

Going back to that Rowan vs SCSU injury. It wasn’t a cheap shot, nor was there even a penalty called. aNo strings attached and no feelings hurt. Injuries happen and both coaches know that.

Rock, you’re wrong again. Do some research before you spit out a bunch of non-sense. It was a 5 minute, head contact major. The kid jump hit him after skating from his bench to the other side of the ice. Not trying to be petty but this just wasn’t your run of the mill hit. I’m not even suggesting there will be retaliation. Rowan knows if they take penalties they’ll lose, I don’t think that’s the way they would want to go out. But, again, Rowan hasn’t forgotten about it and would love to beat them to go to Natty’s.

I have nothing against Southern, if you wanna go back and look, I said they were a top 5 team from jump street this year. I’m just saying Rowan has some extra motivation.

Like the choices for SCSU and FFU Rock,

Just a heads up tho. In my adventures to a few of SCSU’s games I noticed they are missing d-man #5 and forwards #8 and #16…all three of those guys logged major minutes in the first half of the season and the forwards had their hands in plenty of scoring opportunities…I don’t know when the changes were officially made but those numbers aren’t on their roster anymore and they have a handful of guys x’d out on the roster. Obviously didn’t matter against QU or Maritime, but you gotta wonder if those forwards are going to be needed to take down some big dogs

Rowan is not a big dog

SCSU lost those 3 after the first semester.

Baaaaa not sure if you were at the game but it was back and fourth. No reason to call out one team and one hit. Rowan vs SCSU has been a game many have wanted to see since the second rank. I hope it happens just so either way someone shuts someone up

Either is SCSU, sorry

I’ll give you that it was back and fourth after that and I’ll just stop at that. We’re just gonna go back and fourth over this ourselves.

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New year new teams, either way I hope they meet at regionals.

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CAL and Rowan dont’t have the offensive players to beat Fairfield or Southern 5 on 5 period! Unless somebody’s goalie isn’t sharp, or the penalties pile up fast, I’m sorry to say it but, I see Bryn Athyn and the Empire at Nationals. CAL and Rowan would have to grind down Fairfield and Southern and neither team has that style of offense. CAL and Rowan are the slower and less physical teams, so unless PP goals come into play (and they certainly could) I see Fairfield and Southern with advantages.

@TheLuckyFries444 what do you think chances Farmingdale or Bryn Athyn come out of their pools? Both have pretty hard draws.

Honestly… If it’s ever going to happen, I think this is the year it could.

First with Bryn Athyn. assuming BA goes 2-0 and faces a 2-0 Oakland on Thursday, Oakland still has the best goalie in the country and with that being said, that the only reason I would call them the early favorites. Can BA score enough on Oakland to win? Without Rosales, Oakland still very very strong, but not as dominant as last year. This is stylistically a pretty even matchup, great puck moving teams. Discipline will be the key. Both teams are lethal on the PP and have older rosters, so the game itself should be great. I’d say the favorite is Oakland (because of their goalie), but they are definitely beatable and BA does have more than a puncher’s chance. As I always say, at this time of year, the team that doesn’t have to go to war before Thursday typically has the advantage. Stylistically this is the matchup closest to a toss up

As for Calvin and Farmingdale, assuming FD goes 2-0 and faces a 2-0 Calvin on Thursday, this is the match-up of match-ups. The tactical, methodical style of Calvin, vs the fast, physical high octane offense of Farmingdale. Calvin is the bigger and more disciplined team, but make no doubt, Farmingdale will challenge them. Calvin is clearly the best team in the country and the odds-on favorite in this matchup, but there are a few things to point out. There is no team in the North that is similar to how Farmingdale plays, and by that I mean the combination of physicality, offense, and speed, so that alone will be interesting to see. Also, Calvin’s record vs teams that score more than 5 goals a game isn’t great. Aquinas, Oakland, and Central Florida, so I think Calvin get’s the benefit of the doubt as the number 1 team and favorite, but Farmingdale can be a handful if they are disciplined.

Should be interesting… But I’d be remised if I didn’t say I hate that the Atlantic 1 and 2 have to play the North 1 and 2… Thursday’s games may be better than the semi-finals…

I like Cals chances over Fairfield. Cal has a very strong power play so Fairfield better stay out of the box to have a shot. Fairfield just does not score enough. One goal against Rowan, one against Quinnipiac, two goals in two games against Bryn Athyn, and three goals in two games versus SCSU. They cannot afford to make any mistakes with their limited offense. Same goes for Rowan. They do not score against the good quality teams. They run it up on the weaker teams so don’t look at goals scored. Their one quality win was 2-1 over Fairfield. Just don’t see them scoring enough to beat SCSU. They need to keep it low scoring to give themselves a shot.