Atlantic D3 final rankings guess

Bryn Athyn
Fredonia St
George Mason
PSU- Behrend

First round regional matchup of Fairfield-Quinnipiac. Quinnipiac has beaten Fairfield twice this year. Could they possibly beat them three times in a season? Should be the best of the first round games. Cal, SCSU, and Rowan should win their match ups.

ULooks about right, I think Fairfield wins this one-which is the most important game, tough to beat anyone in the top ten 3x in a year. FYI ACHA website is announcing the final rankings on their website in a live broadcast on Tuesday at 12pm, the link will be posted there to listen.


After the top 8 the region is pretty bad this year.

What makes you put SCSU over Cal and not QU over Fairfield? Is it just strength of schedule, or the fact Cal tied Stockton?

The Che is not good this year. Cal schedule extremely weak.

Fairfield over QU because SOS.

Rock, I was at the Bryn Athyn at Stockton game last night and I must say I was very impressed with how well Stockton played. They have a very good goalie, Rafferty, who stopped 63 out of 67 shots, and their Captain got hurt early in the game and did not return, BA won 4-0. So the fact that Cal tied Stockton does not lower Cal’s strength rating to me, The regionals should be some good pairings and good hockey. 1 and 2 are set for Columbus. Does anyone know if any one is going to live stream the regionals? I don’t think they ever were, but just throwing it out there in case someone is.
Also, as I mentioned earlier on the site, ACHA PowerPlay radio broadcast last week reported that the ACHA website is announcing the final D3 rankings on their website in a live broadcast tomorrow at 12pm, the link will be posted there to listen to the pairings, pretty cool.

You can say anyone is good by watching them play. In the end, BA still won 4-0, Cal still tied Stockton, Fairfield still lost to QU twice. I don’t think “what ifs” should matter when deciding the final ranking period. Wins, losses, and SOS should determine the rankings, especially since everyone seems to think 3,4,5,6 is so close.

Never said “what ifs” at all, and you can’t say a team “looked good just by watching,” that makes no sense. They could of mailed it in being its their last game of the season, but they didn’t, that’s all I’m saying. So my point is that I can see how they tied Cal.

Good games at regionals??? First round games are horrible except for Fairfield /Quinnipiac. Cal beats PSU Brehend easily SCSU beats George Mason easily and Rowan beats Fredonia State by two goals. This sets up SCSU to handle offensively challenged Rowan and from my standpoint the only game that’s a toss up to predict is Cal/ Fairfield. This will be a low scoring game decided by the power play. Both teams are low scoring, defensively strong teams. I think Cal wins a squeaker. Fairfield just doesn’t score enough and Cals power play is strong. Everyone says that Cal isn’t as strong this year which is true but neither is Faifield or Rowan both of which were better last year and Cal avoids SCSU which is the hottest team entering regionals.

Who do you guys got coming out of Regionals 1&2? If everything plays out It should be Cal vs FFU and SCSU vs Rowan. I’m going to take SCSU and FFU. Both very good games

I had QU going to Natty’s before they dropped out.

Agree with Rock that they will both be good games but I see CAL and Rowan coming out on top.

It is a shame that QU had to drop out they are a good team and a potential sleeper. I think CAL and SCSU will come out on top. Both should be very good games, in both cases I think CAL and SCSU’s offense will come out on top over Fairfield and Rowan’s D. Finally, we should get to see Rowan vs SCSU a game that has been long overdue.

I hope it happens. Sparks will fly. Rowan’s top freshman last year had a career ending injury after getting cheap shotted up in Connecticut last season by one of their players. The Profs haven’t forgotten about that.

Funny how much better the Profs are without trash like you BAA.

Sparks will fly? Is this the broad street bullies days all over again. You get back at them by beating them on the scoreboard not with your fists. That’s why the flyers haven’t won diddlie squat since the mid seventies. More interested in fighting and cheap shots. Hoping Rowan doesn’t resort to that trash

Yeah so funny. Beat Farmingdale, Swept Fairfield, took 3 of 4 points from Neumann. The team won 2 more games last season and played better competition, not to mention we were both ranked at 5 at the end of the year. Only way your statement becomes valid is if Rowan goes to nationals.

Dave the Hammer Schultz is going to be rostered for regionals. Everyone get a grip, yes, Rowan wants to play SCSU and no they aren’t bringing weapons I don’t think.

Rowan will not beat Southern

Baaah, I know Rowan broadcasts their games, any chance their games at the regionals be broadcasted?


My guess is that they’ll be with the D2 team in their regionals. Gonna have to make the trip to York