Big Atlantic D3 weekend

Any predictions on the two Farmingdale-Bryn Athyn games this weekend and the Farmingdale-Rowan game? I see Bryn Athyn winning twice and Farmingdale beating Rowan.

Farmingdale 7 BA 5 Final, BA had double the shot total, but BA goalie was weak tonight.

BA COUNTS SHOT ATTEMPTS and tape to tape passes AS SHOTS AND GIVES SECONDARY ASSISTS TO GUYS ON THE BENCH. Relax Phanatic, grab a hit chocolate before it gets cold

They rotate three goalies so you never know if that affects them. It’s hard to get into a groove playing every third game.

Well that makes things interesting…

Bryn Athyn Farmingdale and Cal can score which I think gives them the advantage over Fairfield and Rowan which are low scoring teams. It should be very interesting amongst these teams from here on out.

Farmingdale 6 Rowan 3. Big weekend for Farmingdale so far.

Yes it is! BA 10 Maryland 1, most of their two top lines sat out.
Huge game tomorrow, 3pm, I’ll take BA in that one.

SCSU 5, Fairfield 2

Cal 6 UPJ 3

According to twitter Farmingdale 6 Bryn Athyn 3…Farmingdale goes on the road for a huge 3 game sweep be BA and Rowan was not expecting to see them win once at the little school let alone twice looks like they’re hitting their stride. Did they get their top scorer back yet? If not, they’ll only get better.

I watched both farmingdale games this weekend. They were very hard fought games. The player #3 on farmingdale embarrassed his team this weekend. I felt so embarrassed for him.

Fairfield loses both games this weekend. One to SCSU 5-2 and today to Quinnipiac 2-1. Clear top two teams in Bryn Athyn and Farmingdale. Cal definite number three but only scores on power play won’t score enough to beat top two. Rowan four doesn’t score enough to be competitive with top two teams but can hang with Cal, Fairfield and SCSU.

Rodger You watched both? Apparently they played 3 ,please specify for hockey-rock, your opinion really means a lot to the community

The fact that #3 got a bench minor penalty for jumping off of the bench to celebrate a goal with 5 minutes left in the game. In the Friday night game his celebration after his goal you would of thought it was the Miracle on Ice.

Same thing at Saturday’s game against Rowan after a Farmingdale goal that was at least two foot offsides while parents were screaming to the refs that the play was way offsides #3 lifted both arms in the air and skated to the glass facing the parents and taunted them. He complained to the refs all game long and between periods stayed on the ice to continue talking to the refs. Then on another goal that was on a blatantly missed icing call that resulted in another Farmingdale goal he was again taunting players and parents. He is classless.

Sounds like Rowan has a parent issue in the stands, The ACHA will launch an investigation thanks for bringing this up dreamer, this will not fall on deaf ears

The twitterverse stated that Quinnipiac defeated Fairfield by a score of 2 - 1.

The Atlantic is getting pretty interesting at the top. #1 BA goes 1-2 (loses 2 at home), #2 CAL goes 2-0 #3 Fairfield goes 0-2 #4 Farmingdale goes 3-0 (beating BA twice and Rowan 1) #5 Rowan goes 1-1. The SOS debate just got real for some teams. Let the debates begin…

Farmingdale is a dirty team hands down. They play extremely physical and it throws teams off and it’s hard to keep your head. Combine that with skill and it has a recipe to be able to score goals and win games. Who cares about all that other jazz with some irrelevant defensemen thinks he’s playing in the show, Farm hands down took it to Rowan and it seems like they did enough on Friday and Sunday’s to take home the wins against BA. I don’t like how they play, but gotta respect the big dogs.

I wouldn’t call them dirty, they are extremely physical and aggressive, but they’ve been that way for as long as I can remember. I reserve the word dirty for teams that swing sticks at heads and spear people. I don’t really think teams are dirty, I think players are dirty. They don’t swing sticks, they’ll board the s@#t out of you and blow guys up open ice, but they’re not scummy with the sticks. Definitely not a finesse team though!

Anyway Baaah6, who you got in the 3 hole now? Do you think Cal stays there with that schedule?