Big Weekend in the Atlantic

With all the big tilts this weekend, anybody got any predictions?
10/13 QU at Fairfield
10/14 QU at Rowan, SCSU at Farmingdale and Stockton at Fairfield
10/15 Rowan at Farmingdale and SCSU at Fairfield

Fairfield over QU . Rowan over QU in a one goal game. Farmingdale over both SCSU and Rowan. Fairfield over Stockton and Fairfield over SCSU in a one goal game also. Three games in three days for Fairfield going to be a challenge

5-0 and one tie with those predictions. I have no life.

Fairfield 3 Quinnipiac 2
Fairfield 11 Stockton 1
Fairfield 4 SCSU 3
Farmingdale 7 SCSU 2
Farmingdale 3 Rowan 1
Rowan 4 Quinnipiac 4


BA moves to NCAA and all the board chatter ends in the Atlantic

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It has been a very disappointing board thus far.

It’s only October, give it time. I’m sure once the first rankings are posted things will heat up. The “I’m getting screwed but the computers” will drown out the echos of the “Good Ole Boys Clubs” of the past. Let’s take a brief look at the standings (in order or win %).
Farm 4-0-0
Cal-U 3-0-0
Fairfield 4-0-0
UCONN 3-0-0
Delaware 6-0-1
Fordham 7-1-0
UPJ 3-0-1
GMU 5-1-0

I think it’ll be interesting to see how the computers treat the former D-2 league that dropped down (UCONN, US Coast Guard Academy, Etc.) since it doesn’t seem like they play many cross over games. They seem to just play each other exclusively.

That’s exactly what I was thinking, it should be pretty interesting. once teams play 5 games we will be able to look at my hockey rankings and get an idea.

Teams have played 5, in not sure why myhockeyrankings aren’t updated

I would assume it’s not worth ranking 10 teams.

There are actually over 30 but ¯_(ツ)_/¯

The computer rankings will reflect the outcome of a game and the margins of the game in relation to how other opponents fared against that opponent. So, if a team doesn’t create a schedule that provides relationships beyond an isolated area or region of the Atlantic (conferences), the wins and margins will not yield accurate results. So early on teams may be up in the top 10, because of early results, but as the better teams beat better teams, the value of the wins will start to separate, and a clear picture will be presented. Will be interesting.

Look at Penn State Football, No 2 in the country. They played lesser teams in the first 6, now we’ll see how good they are. Michigan, Ohio State, Michigan State. Their ranking will probably be dramatically altered by these three games.

Counted 12 in Atlantic with 5 or more

QU @ Farm this weekend … My prediction classless Farm 6 QU 2. Farm needs to keep their penalties in check though.

I love when people call other teams who play a collision sport, classless.

I agree, just because they’re good and they beat your team doesn’t make them classless.

Any big games this weekend elsewhere in the Atl.?

Rematch of Fairfield and SCSU tonight. Should be another close game there.