Bryn Athyn Dominates Rowan

In the DVCHC championship game, Bryn Athyn steamrolled Rowan 7-0, they look ready for Nationals.

@Baaah6 where you there? Excuses or issues? You always have some input

I was there. It was just Bryn Athyn putting the finishing touches on a unprecedented 5 year run like nothing the ACHA has ever seen before. And now they’re out. See ya later kids, just like that BAC transitions into an NCAA program in what seems to be in a blink of an eye.

The dirtybirdcanchirptwo was right all along, BA had a plan to rise from the ashes through the DVCHC and became the golden boys of the Atlantic overnight and almost went all the way 2 years back.

Of course, they’ve had their moments too. 101 blew up, everyone questioning their methods to the top, including myself. “Handing out lollipops in admissions” is what the dirty bird called it, whatever that means. Rowan’s rivalry with BA goes back to the days of American division finals. Rowan added fuel to the fire when they placed a grocery bag full of lollipops in BA’s visiting locker room. BA of course takes the cake as they brought back their DVCHC Championship team from the 70’s, dropped a banner while they played both Canandian and American national anthems. It was always a chippy shit talking game. But Rowan was no match for them. They had a bunch of aged out juniors players and we had a bunch of hs players with AA experience. Rowan’s D2 team wouldn’t have even beat them, maybe one year it would have been close.

My question is, what happens now? BA changed the landscape of the Atlantic forever. I don’t get what Rasputin says by “a true D3” Maybe water downed is the term you’re looking for. D3 programs get lucky if they get a stud player.

Im interested to see how BA does right away and will definitely be watching their success bc it’s only a matter of time before they have it. I bet it’ll be a tough 1st year transition but I know they’ve got a ton of players coming in. What happens to half of that club team that doesn’t make the NCAA squad? Rowan is still accepting applications.

Baaah6 out.

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Did anyone notice the missing Rowan players and coaches, not saying the result would have been any different, but it made for easier night for Bryn Athyn. Bryn Athyn should 7-0 a team playing their bottom 9. Rowans goalie must have had 60+ saves.While BA is the best in the Atlantic, this years team isn’t as strong as last year, interesting to see how they fare in Columbus.

Baaah…posting at the same time… As this shakes out…D3 should be for development, rebuilding and a base level of play with a goal of moving on to D2 and D1 as the truly competitive levels. Its not a place for the BA"s and Farmingdales or old Cal’s.They are essentially playing down . Their impetus should be to move up and play ay the real competitive levels of D2 and to a higher level D1.

D2 is a joke. Combine D2/D3!

It was just Bryn Athyn putting the finishing touches on a unprecedented 5 year run like nothing the ACHA has ever seen before.

Must not have been around for Oakland’s run.

Score should of been much worse. Bryn Athyn hit four posts
and didn’t even look like they were trying. Threw a ton of shots on goal from far away. Rowan couldn’t of had more than fifteen shots on goal the whole game, few of any quality. Rowan has two playmakers and one of them is five foot three. They have no offense against good teams or they would be nationals bound in this very weak Atlantic conference. Bad bad hockey this year and with the teams leaving or moving up, I expect worse next year. An elite midget major AAA team would probably beat most of the Atlantic teams.

DVCHC had the shots 53-22. I was there, no way Rowan had 22 shots. They must be counting blocked shots or shots attempted. They
had them for ten shots entering the third period which was about right. Gave them 12 for third period which is ridiculous considering they had a half a period of being shorthanded with five minor penalties.