Bye bye knights

Neumann has 10 players and cancelled their games this weekend. Terrible brewery over at the triangle campus. Also, looks like the DVCHC “top” division takes a hit. It is now rowan/Bryn league.

I have just been told Neumann has folded their program for the 2016-2017 season. I guess there weren’t enough roller bros to go around this year. What a shame for such a prestigious program and fine institution.

I would love to hear what TheChisler has to say about this. He’s been off the radar, and now apparently are his Neumann ice hockey team and the roller boogie boys. Just stick to roller ball, you guys are much better at that.

Baaa since you are taped into the circuit I would like to see your top 10 in the Atlantic region. Any sleeper teams?

I want to hear your take AD… I doubt highly you’re a first time 101er.

I think BAC and Farm will most likely be the auto-bids. I can see Fairfield challenging Farm for the 2nd auto-bid. They had a strong run at nationals and were a fairly young team? That’s my top 3.

After that comes the jumbled mess of the CHE along with Rowan and SCSU.


My sleeper team was SCSU until they lost to UNCW last weekend. I thought they’d be a top 5 team this year. I still think they stay in the top 10, there’s no doubt they’ve got talent.

I guess my sleeper team is going to be WVU this year. They already beat RMU last weekend so they can definitely hang.

It’s starting to look like the CHE will take over as the top conference in the Atlantic. The DVCHC had a great run atop but teams like NU, Alvernia and PSUB and even Stockton have been trending downwards.

  1. BAC- Where are these NCAA transfer’s on their roster? Still haven’t released a roster on their website.

  2. Farm- Still waiting to see if they get any of Neumann’s roller Bro’s. They already got 1 of them back.

3)Fairfield- Interested to see if they got any new talent. I would love to see this team take out
Farmingdale for the number 2 spot.

4.) CAL- They’re returning a few of their top scorer’s and I doubt Berger left the team in bad shape. They should stand atop CHE.

I think after 4 it gets really hairy, teams will be separated by points

My gut tells me SCSU at 5, but they will somehow play themselves out of it, they lack discipline. I could see the teams below finishing anywhere between 5 and 10.

  1. Rowan- Hometown bias? Maybe. But CHE teams will beat up on each other. Rowan has clear path to #2 in DVCHC. They may have lost a few top scorer’s but they returned all of their D, gained some talent and returned both goalies. They will be solid.

  2. UPJ- Always find themselves in this area, let’s see if they can get a real goalie to come and play for them.

  3. RMU- As UPJ, they are always a perennial regional contender and don’t expect that to change.

  4. WVU- An early season win has them on my radar. They started well last year too, let’s see if they can keep it up.

  5. SCSU- An early season loss to UNCW has me questioning if they’re legit or not. But I assume they will be playing everyone tough all year.

  6. Fredonia- I think this is the year they come back into the top 10 unless they use an illegal player again.

Baaah6, BAC rosters just posted with bios on their website.

Looks like to me they will not be strong. That is not a good class at all.

Here is the demon predictions:

1 - Farmingdale - best team top to bottom

2 - Little School - overhyped and have been exposed how to beat them.

3- Fairfield - always good lost a lot but I foresee a ton of new talent

4 - UPJ - young team last year and returners will help them get back towards the top of the region

5- George Mason - Yes they will upset a ton of people.

5 - CAL

6 - RU

7 - RMU

8 - SCSU

9 - WVU
10 wide open

I think Delaware will be improved this year. Udel is a sleeper who can maybe slide into the back end

Baa you can’t tell how teams will be based off their roster on paper. Get a life kid.
Sound familiar.

Give me a break Phanatic, sorry for giving my opinion on the region when someone asked. I saw most of the teams from the previous year and you can get a sense of how teams are based off that. I said your team was going to be #1 and I didn’t even poke fun for once. Obviously I am fascinated by the fact that Bryn Athyn was “supposed” to get D1 transfers but all I see were a few USPHL players plus the goalie they stole from Brandywine. Don’t get me wrong, not a single team in the region even comes close to that class but I was expecting much more.

Parity… Parity… Parity…

Don’t get caught reading too much into Neumann’s collapse and how people finished last year. I would agree that BA is probably the top dog again, because nobody else in this region is capable of providing a “financial aid” package like that, so their recruiting class is going to again be very strong. It will be interesting to see how they gel, when you lose upperclassmen, there is always a chemistry question. In reality though, “he with the most toys wins”, and at this stage of the conversation Bryn Athyn and Farmingdale have more toys than everyone else.

So, I’d say that they will finish in the top 2. I do believe they play each other 5 times, which is sick in it’s own right, but if you’ve seen these teams play at the Classic, their games are insanely competitive. So cudos to them.

I think the next tier of teams will battle for spots 3-7, and are capable of beating each other any night. CAL, UPJ, Rowan, Fairfield, Quinnipiac (that’s right boys, they are coming off of a 7-5 win over Fairfield) and Southern Connecticut. I’d put my money on Rowan being the top of this group as a Justin Burger’less CAL and a Fairfield team that lost their number 1 defenseman and number 1 goalie will have to prove they’ve recruited well enough to get back to those elite levels.

8-10 is going to be the battle of the new and old! Maryland, George Mason, West Virginia, Robert Morris and Fredonia will look to challenge the teams in the tier above, but will not have the schedules to do it.

Looks like it’s going to be pretty close through the region. I would expect to see a ton of split series this year, not too many people running away with anything…

Baa, this was not directed at you. It was a previous quote from demon directed to you. It was directed to demon over his “roster” inspection.

I got you Phan… Still a class with 7 more junior players than anyone else. I’m gonna take a wild guess and say AD23 is Slim.

I will be interesting to see if Quinnipiac has any staying power. WVU came out of the gates swinging last year and wound up on the outside looking in. This adds a new element to the Empire conference. Looks like they finally found a team to replace the mighty Albany. I like it.

Not slim I was on 101 but barely posted. I did play in the DVCHC a couple years back.

Does Farmingdale or Bryn Athyn have enough to make a run into the final four or deeper? Isn’t that what really matters.

Sad to say PSU Brandywine is also for going the 2016-2017 season. What is going on in the DVCHC?

Let’s count how many times people say the little school stole their goalie now and made them close up shop.

Demon predicts 200+

I wonder what the process was for the goalie to convert religions? Was it instant financial aid? Or was community service Involved? Bon fires Hott chocolate?

Well that is essentially what happened…

Watching the D1 fight from last week, made me reach back in the memory and bring this video back up. BA star in a previous life.

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