D1 Final Rankings & Nationals

Anyone have any predictions for the final Computer rankings? Seems like Arizona’s W’s over ASU may help them to move up a couple spots, but will it be enough?

Pitt clinched the final autobid last night, so we know that Syracuse, Pitt and Drexel will all be in. Deleware will make it, even if they somehow slide back a spot or two. I personally think the first round games will be great, and am excited to see if any of the autobids upset the last teams in, and how the tournament shakes out once we get down to 16.

Also, I am going to compile the “Ultimate ACHA March Madness Machine Bracket”, in honor of past seasons at Hockey101 once again. So start up on your homework. The winner gets a big fat congratulations from me and the adoration of your 7 fellow posters on the M1 board for a whole season (or until we forget who won).


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[quote=“jwilson, post:1, topic:441”]Anyone have any predictions for the final Computer rankings?[/quote]I might have some guesses.

Do we?

You know Fish, you don’t HAVE to be difficult, lol.

And yes, Syracuse, Pitt and Drexel all won their respective auto bids. So unless I missed something, they will be the 18, 19, 20 seeds.


You might be missing something. I don’t want to speak out of turn, but we should wait and see what shakes out in the next day or two.

Oh come on man!!! If we’re not going to spread rumors and innuendo then what even is the purpose of this board?

Now, what are we talking here? Eligibility issues? Are the standings going to change? Is there talk of declining invitations in the rumor mill?



Very similar to that, yes.
I just want to give the ACHA the opportunity to do the right thing without making it a big scandal on Internet forums first.

Ok, apparently the ACHA decided not to do the right thing. Will make a new post about it.

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Please post soon. Really interested in hearing about this!!!

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I’m not entirely sure how the computer ranking system works, but I find it interesting that RMI could finish their season losing 5 of their last 10 games and remain so highly seeded. Can anyone shed some light on this? Did other teams around them also falter? or was their goal differential in previous wins high enough to make up for the loses? Just curious.

[quote=“hkyfan, post:8, topic:441”]
I find it interesting that RMI could finish their season losing 5 of their last 10 games and remain so highly seeded.[/quote]
The computer doesn’t care about “5 of their last 10”, it gives each game in the season equal weight. And across the season, RMU-IL has a 20-8-5 record (as the computer sees it; SO’s being ties, regardless of SOW or SOL) while playing a great many ranked teams. I’m not really surprised to see them in the top-10.

Are there going to be any final rankings for the D1 level?

I don’t know what the official methodology is for the final rankings, but I’m guessing it’ll be something like this:

  1. Central Oklahoma
  2. Ohio
  3. Minot State
  4. Adrian
  5. Michigan-Dearborn
  6. Iowa State
  7. Davenport
  8. Stony Brook
  9. Lindenwood
  10. Robert Morris (IL)
  11. Arizona State
  12. Colorado
  13. Illinois
  14. Oklahoma
  15. Midland
  16. Colorado State
  17. Liberty
  18. Jamestown
  19. Delaware
  20. Arizona
  21. Rochester College
  22. Kent State
  23. Indiana Tech
  24. Western Michigan
  25. Rhode Island