D1 Rankings 10/18

What is up with the D1 rankings? Iowa State splits with #4 Lindenwood and drops 7 spots to 13. Michigan Dearborn splits with an unranked Kent state and only drops 2 spots to 9. Stony Brook sweeps URI ranked 21 at the time and drops from 8 to 11. Illinois hasn’t beaten anyone of note and moves from 12 to 8.

Gotta love the first computer rankings of the year…

Up until the 10/18 rankings, the teams were ordered by polling coaches around the league. But now they’ve crossed over to using computer rankings, which will be they way it’s done all the way to nationals. So comparing this week to last is really an apple/oranges situation.

Honestly, I think they should just put out a preseason ranking based on a poll of coaches, then nothing until the computer is good to go. It’ll spare everyone a lot of confusion, be less work for whoever administers the polling of coaches, and nobody will care by the time it actually matters (nationals selection in February).

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Fish, are you running a spreadsheet again this year?