D2 Nationals Question

In his email dated January 26th, Jay Peacock stated:

“The National Tournament rink has been switched from the Chiller Dublin Rink in Dublin, Ohio to The Chiller North Rink in Lewis Center, Ohio. The schedule will remain the same just the location is different.”

I understand this statement from Jay, but…

In the press release just sent out for the reveal show, it says D2 Nationals are in Dublin.

On the official tourney website achanationals.com, when you click on the d2 schedule, it still says Dublin. (Note: I also looked at the D3 schedule which says Chiller North.)

So I guess my questions are:
(1) can The Sheriff please confirm that D2 is at Chiller North and not Dublin, and that the game times are correct.
(2) can someone fix both the website and today’s reveal show press release to have the correct info?



The recent press release and achanationals.com has the correct information regarding the rink locations for each tournament.

M2 is at Dublin
M3 is at North

Is it possible to get a copy of the press release or a link to the reveal show posted? I don’t see anything on achahockey.org, achanationals.com or social media feeds.


The reveal show will be available on achanationals.com. Information will be coming soon on the websites.

Teams that are relevant have already received the link. It was sent out this morning