D2 ranking #1 official tomorrow

Ranking 1 due out tomorrow. Should be interesting as some teams still haven’t submitted scores from this past wk end. (1 big central team also, you know who you are). This should make the “pro” MHR guys on here excited as the rankings won’t be very accurate.

Peacock has officially said ot and shootout losses get recorded as 1 point in pointstreak/Acha. But MHR will show as a loss. They must have a major problem figuring out the algarhythm to properly give the team its hard earned point. Yep…ranking 1 will be a joke.

I hope they’re still working on it. I’d like to see it take into account Home Ice Advantage. I can imagine some teams not traveling well or other teams having more of an advantage (e.g. bigger rinks versus a slower physical grinder team).

Rumor is rankings where email out tonight. Top 20 teams in each region listed. Should make some good discussions

No actual shootouts will go in as a tie for ranking purposes. OT will go in as a win, loss or tie. We figure that a shootout is more of a skills competition than it is part of a team game and very often you can get the same result by going to center ice and flipping a coin.

That is true. they went to the teams tonight.

Rankings are on the ACHA site. Top 15 in each region listed.

Cal at 12 and CU at 13 is a joke. CSUN beat Cal and is 14th. CU with one win?!

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Strength of schedule matters. Not gonna say it’s perfect, but, csun has played like 3 quality games, sjsu and sdsu…CU may be 1-5 but they have played a tough schedule…2 losses to #2 UNC, 2 losses to #5 MSU Denver and a split with #7 Denver university. Winning 11 outta 12 is great and all, but it doesn’t matter much when you’re playin mediocre teams. Gotta schedule better, looks like csun schedule gets much tougher second half…still early in the year though, things will level out, I believe those who should be in the convo will be.

Do game outside your division count? Williston State is #1 in West with only 3 games vs. D2 teams, all against relatively weak Montana teams.

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Yes - games against both D1 & D3 teams will count toward the rankings. It acts as a negative early in the rankings as it has with LU-B in two very close games with D1 Powerhouse Lindenwood, but as the season moves on and the Computer can get more points of reference it will boost LU-B considerably in the rankings.

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Your outta your mind if you think LU-B is going to leapfrog Davenport. Let’s face it Davenport finally has what it takes this year. Plus the Big Boy team at DU is number 4. DU program is simply deeper, bigger, better then LU-B this season.

Plus Lindenwood D1 isn’t the team it was last year. Still a very good squad as I’ve watched them play. These 2 squads (DU & LU-B) will be your auto bid teams for sure. Sorry gvsu enjoy regional play

Let’s see where the cards fall. That’s why we play the games. Two big ones this weekend then LU-B vs GVSU. This may tell us something.

A little surprised at some of the rankings, D2 Central is the biggest upset right now. Davenport has done well getting big wins but their strength of schedule is one of the lowest among ranked teams. At least early, the computer seems to favor straight win and loss records over schedule strength.

Davenport’s schedule gets tougher as the season continues, that should help actually test how good they are.

Side note: GVSU should be concerned, they need big weekends against both LU-B and Davenport, if not, they might be stuck at #3 even if LU-B and DU switch places over the next few rankings.

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Central has a huge amount of quality programs. Most pairity by far. Old programs back from the grave, d3 move ups that are opening some eyes, the usual contenders fighting it out.

Maybe ranking 2 will fix it, wait… That’s next week haha…not a chance

MHR is a waste. Get rid of it. Go back to the old ways. Or a mix of both.

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Exactly! So why are they #1?!

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Give it time. The more games that get entered the more accurate it will become. It’s an objective way to get the best 12 teams in each region, and reduce a bunch of headaches for the ACHA and extra work that probably isn’t needed (hounding coaches for votes, etc). And truth is, if you miss out on regionals as a 13 or 14 seed, your team isn’t very good to begin with…I saw so much bias with the coaches voting at D3 last year, that this objective system is a breath of fresh air.

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Well D3 sucks so who cares. And if it didn’t suck why do the team’s move up to D2??


Another thing that’ll be iffy with this (and we’ll have to see) is 1st semester, 2nd semester turn-over (some teams come on with new players or fall off as players don’t return). Does the algorithm take into account opponents SoS at the time a team plays them? Or is it averaged across the season?

I think it’s a mistake doing all computer. It should be a combination of poll + computer. For example, in the West, Williston College came out of left field. They shouldn’t be ranked #1 in my opinion since they’re an unknown. Heck, they don’t even show up on the West MyHockeyRankings.com page. Their schedule is the same teams over and over again and they haven’t really beaten anyone impressive (they split with an M1). In the coaches poll version, they would have had to continue to have success before coaches would put them in the top 10, since they’re an unknown. Yet, the computer jumps them to the top?


Appreciate all the feedback.

SoS is derived from the W-L% & GD from opponents. As such, SoS is adjusted each week.

For example, #5 Team A beats #2 Team B by 1 Goal. Good win at the time. However, Team B loses players in 2nd semester and drops all 8 games in Jan. The Rating for Team A will decrease due to a decrease in SoS from Team B’s losses. The computer does not account for change in roster, away games with a short bench due to Frat parties or football games, or if a team is playing 3rd string goalie.

If you beat teams ranked higher ranked (or lose close) AND do not lose to teams lower ranked, your rating will improve. Losing to a weak team will offset a good win to a top team.

A previous post brings up a good point - should an away game be weighted more than a home game? Probably, based on historical data. But that would disadvantage teams who travel well, which by definition, would bring a better product to Nationals.

Hope this helps.

What I’ve noticed (in non-conference play, at least) is that good teams don’t like traveling to play bad teams, but bad teams will travel to test themselves against good teams. This is probably skewing the historical data, and would be a confounding factor in determining weighting for any home ice advantage corrections.

Home field/ice advantages are much more readily quantified and corrected for when all the teams being ranked play a balanced schedule. And that’s not how the ACHA operates.