D2 Southeast Predictions

Anyone able to predict what the final rankings will be for the Southeast division? Everyone is beating everyone. Teams 5-10 I believe are extremely hard to predict.

Is it possible we see Rider move down, Ohio move up? Maryland move down, Rider move up? Delaware move either up or down? What about Rowan?

A lot of those teams have had some possible, season changing wins the past two weekends. Maryland has played two games against D1 teams, so those games do not count towards the ranking. Delaware and Rider tied. Delaware beating two weaker teams after that. Rider beating two or three weaker teams to finish off as well. Ohio beats Liberty, then loses to them the next day. Then Ohio wins a 3 game weekend against some weaker teams.

This Wednesday will be interesting.

Agree, almost anything could happen. I see a cluster of Toledo/Miami/Cincinnati battling for the 4-6 seeds. Then Rowan, Delaware, Maryland, Rider and Ohio are battling for 7-10. One of those last five will likely get bumped for an autobid (unless a team declines for financial reasons, like last year).

However, my prediction is pretty boring. I think the rankings stay the same. Almost everyone won all of their final games against weak teams so everyone should get similar drops in SoS and similar rises in AGD.

Most were against weak teams but I see rider moving up. They beat Liberty and Delaware,both teams ranked higher than them, and their GD was 41-17 in last 7 games.

Their win against Liberty was already factored in from the previous ranking, they tied Delaware for rankings sake. Really don’t see them moving anywhere.

Yeah, it’s certainly possible but I don’t see them moving either. As McLovin pointed out, the Liberty win was already factored in. Plus, the big wins over Monmouth and SJU actually hurt Rider because they lose more in SoS than they can make up for with AGD. Furthermore, their wins over Wagner (2X) and Stevenson were not terribly convincing. That being said, I think Rider is better than Rowan and will beat them in the league tourney this weekend.