D3 Final Ranking

Anyone know what the final ranking is? Is the ACHA going to post it? Same with the All-Tournament teams, are they going to be posted?


From Commissioner:

  1. Aquinas
  2. Calvin
  3. Florida Gulf Coast University
  4. Bryn Athyn College
  5. Adrian College Gold
  6. Colorado State University
  7. Oakland University
  8. Iowa State University
  9. University of Tampa
  10. Farmingdale State University
  11. Fairfield University
  12. University of Georgia
  13. Marquette University
  14. Southern Connecticut State University
  15. Missouri State University
  16. University of South Florida
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Final Rankings: http://achanationals.com/view/achanationals/mens-d3/m3-2017-final-rankings

Tournament Awards: http://achanationals.com/view/achanationals/mens-d3/2017-m3-tournament-awards

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Interesting take on the All-tournament teams. Did your team have to play 4-5 games and play in the championship game to be considered? Or be from the North Division, Grand Rapids in particular? (Tongue firmly in cheek!)

Seems curious that, out of 16 TOTAL teams, ALL the best INDIVIDUAL players were only on a couple teams in the eyes of the “voters”. (Or whoever?) Not one other guy, save for a couple 2nd teamers, made the cut, regardless of statistical leadership and the proven ability to lead THEIR team to victories and/or very competitive performances.

Well,… I suppose the old sports adage applies that you more than likely have to play FOR a winner to be recognized as one. Still a bit one-sidedly curious.

@Outsidelookingin I thought the same thing.

Interesting how you can leave a guy like Christofferson off that list when he lead the tournament in goals and +/- while having two less games played. Or Massa who was tied for second in points with Christofferson and only 3 games played…

They always seem to pick the All Tournament team from the Championship teams with a few from the semifinalists

Well, that seems to be exactly what they (whoever “they” is) did. Obviously not the biggest deal in the world and maybe keeping track of individual performances from all those games is just TOO BIG of a task for “they”? Watching only Semi’s and Finals certainly narrows down the field.

Just would like to see some candidates who may be more deserving, or at least as deserving as the “winners”, get some official consideration and recognition. An inexact science that could probably have a 3rd All-tournament team that would-out perform the 1st and 2nd.

Just say’in. Wah-tever.