HockeyRock System Software Problems (SOLVED)

A couple of weeks ago, I upgraded the software used to run this site. Since then, I’ve had nothing but problems with:

  • Emails not being delivered
  • Backups not completing (fortunately, I also do daily server snapshots as a backup to the backup)
  • High CPU usage causing slow page loading
  • Account Activations not working (expired tokens, etc)

I believe all those issues have now been resolved. So if you’ve been unsuccessful at trying to activate your account, simply send me an email to and I’ll manually activate your account. Any NEW accounts created starting today should not be a problem.

My apologies for any aggravation & inconveniences these issues may have caused.


The BoardBoss

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Yeah, still having some issues with the platform. Trying something different again as recommended by the software’s developers… :angry: