Northeast D2 outlook?

Now that WPU as well as NYU have left, what’s the top 10 going to look like.

(And also a test to see if this site will survive, - is anybody out there?)

Also factor in UNH having a new coach and this could be the time where the NECHA takes this region over. Northeastern, UMass and Keene should be up near the top I would think.

Still think UNH will be in the mix, even RPI and Sacred Heart as well. But the Super East teams certainly lost strength of schedule points compared to 2 years ago.

Batman lives!

Watch CT College as well

But it should be wide open!

With the change in rankings formula, do you think the Super East will be hurt that much?

My understanding is that the myhockeyrankings formula was about 90-95% SoS, but the new system has SoS closer to 50% of the ranking. If that’s true, the new system will likely reward teams with low-moderate SoS and excellent WP and AGD at the expense of teams with excellent SoS and average or below average WP and SoS. I could see a few Super East teams finding that sweet spot with a lower SoS.

Well I wish we could see the algorithm so teams didn’t have to guess what the priority is

But either way, you have to win the games you’re supposed to, and with at least a decent SoS, you should be fine.

And besides, it’s not just about making the playoffs, if you play no one but cream puffs, you won’t last long.

I have UMass, Keene, northeastern and RPI vying for the two “byes”

(Power shift to NECHA)

Is this applicable to D3 as well?