Northeast games 9/23-9/25

fri 9/23
WPU/ Lehigh d1 -WPU
Montclair/ Marist- Montclair
Mass Lowell/ North Carolina- Mass Lowell

Sat 9/24

WPU/ Delaware- Wpu
RPI/ Vermont RPI
BU/ Holy Cross - BU
Marist/ Lehigh d1 - Marist
Mass Lowell / Duke - Mass Lowell
Trinity/ Sacred Heart - Sacred Heart

Sun 9/25

Marist/ Vermont - Marist
Mass Lowell / Elon Mass Lowell
Sacred Heart / RPI - RPI

I am sure there are more games but teams in the American North like Bates, Norwich and St Anselm never post there schedules only team that has so far is Mass Lowell In the American South Westfield State and ECSU are good don’t know what is taking Sacred Heart, BWS and RW. Rhode Island forget them and Trinity is new to the division

Marist 5 Monclair 4 OT

Lehigh d1 4 WPU 3
Mass Lowell 7 North Carolina 0
Saint Anselm 4 Sacred Heart 2

RPI 2, UVM 0

Shots 30-25 in favor of RPI
(2nd goal EN)

Marist ties Lehigh 3-3

Sacred Heart 4, RPI 3

SHU and BSU have new websites…

I’ve also started to put together a NECHA - American website … but I am still developing it. Once I get all the divisional games it will go live.

Still waiting for a SHU/TRI score — Edit Sacred Heart 8 - Trinity 0

Thanks for the new websites . Good luck with the American Website seems like a lot of teams don’t post many games in there schedule do you know why teams like St. Anselm, Bates, and Norwich only post a few games on there schedule? SH got off to a good start. Is St Anselm that good since they beat SH? touch loss by ECSU to Siena in ot

My son plays youth hockey in Bridgeport and I’ve always seen Sacred Heart advertising their home games around the rink so we stopped in for a few last season. I decided to see what the league was all about and I must say the league is pretty interesting and exciting to watch. A lot of skilled teams from what I can see. I started following the boards last year to keep updated with scores and it seemed like there was a lot of back and fourth tension between everyone on the old threads. So far this site seems a lot more calmer so I’m more than willing to jump into the discussion.
My family actually went to the Sacred Heart vs. St. Anselm game last Friday and all in all, St. Anselm wasn’t too bad of a team. Sacred Heart had some bad bounces though. Their goalie let one in that was shot from the blue line. It ended up taking a pretty bad bounce just before getting to him. St. Anselm’s goalie did make a very nice stop late in the second on a breakaway that could have potentially tied the game at three. It would have been interesting to see how the game would have played out if that had gone in. I didn’t get the chance to see the two teams play each other last year, but after seeing the scores on the thread from this weekend, perhaps it was the first game jitters?

I’m not sure why teams do not update their websites. I believe Bates does not have ice until the beginning of November so that may be why they don’t post much information until later. It would be nice if all teams had an active twitter feed. Even if it was just final scores.