Northeast scores 10/21- 10/23

Fri Oct 21

WPU 8 Merrimack 3
UNH 7 BC 2
Marist 4 Post 3
FGCU 13 Holy Cross 1
Northeastern 11 Bryant 5
Sacred Heart 6 Roger Williams 0

Sat Oct 22

Montclair 6 Monmouth 2
Keene 3 RPI 1
Marist 3 Rider 0
Farmingdale State d3 5 Siena 2
Vermont 4 Norwich 2
FGCU 9 Holy Cross 1
Providence 6 Southern New Hampshire 2
Sacred Heart 2 St. Anselm 1
Roger Williams 4 Westfield State 3 ot
Mass Lowell 9 Dartmouth 4

Sun Oct 23

RPI 6 Rochester Inst d1 2
Vermont 6 Providence 4
BC 5 Northeastern 4 ot
Bridgewater State 2 ECS 1

Excited to see the first ranking come out. Don’t really know where to place anyone yet.

Three of the teams that went to Nationals last year have started off the season well.
NYU is 6-0 and outscored opponents 33-9.
WPU is 6-1-1 and outscored opponents 42-12.
Keene St is 4-0-1 and outscored opponents 21-9.

The theme at the top of the rankings board is usually good defense/goaltending.

NYU and WPU play this weekend, so we’ll see where these teams stand. They know each other very well, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the final score is 1-0 or 2-1.

when a d2 team plays a d1 or d3 team does that reflect in the teams rankings this year.
using the records batman gave NYU beat d1 Navy and WPU lost to d1 Lehigh so will these 2 games be considered in the teams record for the rankings when they come out?

Are the rankings still going to be done by a committee?

The rankings will be computerized this year. You can see the current rankings here: Team Rankings - MYHockey

The caveat is, you have to have played a minimum of 5 games to be eligible for rankings. So these are incomplete but give you an idea where things are headed. The computer does not differentiate between D1, D2, or D3 opponents. However, it does matter if your non-league opponents are playing the other teams on your schedule. If you play a random team that nobody else plays, it’s not going to help very much. But if you and your direct competitors have common opponents, the system can compare scores.

I don’t think that is possible because teams don’t report all there games there. It doesn’t take in to account the strengths and weakness of Conferences. Do you really think Roger Williams is the 3rd ranked team in the Northeast and North Carolina State is the 8th best team in the Southeast that is what says right now

It’s not a perfect system but that’s what they opted to do this year. The decision has already been made, so it is what it is. The only things that matter are strength of schedule and average goal differential. By season end it should all even out, but you will see aberrations early on.

Those teams you mentioned will drop as other teams reach the 5 game minimum. Results update every Wednesday morning.

P.s. Teams post their scores to pointstreak and myhockeyrankings takes their scores from poinstreak. So it’s important for teams to report accurate and timely results. Otherwise the rankings will definitely be off.

pokecheck I understand what you are saying this system needs a chance to work but the teams have to post there games in a timely manner to help it work a computer can’t know a teams strength of schedule. for example say nation champion FGCU plays liberty, Miami, Toledo, Penn state and NYU and goes 5-5 then another team plays 5 division 3 teams who are all 5-0 when they play them and win all 5 by scores of 7-0 The computer will give that team a better strength of schedule and goal differential compared to fgvu and rank them higher. all teams aren’t equal in ability which the computer thinks they are next year teams that get screwed are going to play there division games and stock up on crummy teams to get wins and big goal differential crummy teams meaning teams like d3 teams who have a good record but don’t have a chance of beating you


Thats not how it really works. It also matters who your opponents play. There is a second level to the algorithm. So you can beat up on a weak team and actually drop in the rankings because your schedule is weak.

ShankMarden and GraceUnderFire have a really good explanation on the other thread you started about rankings.