So, I did a thing... again... again... again... again

  1. Don’t expect this to be updated right away every week; I am very busy and don’t have as much time to devote to this sort of stuff as I have had in the past. (evidence: note how similar this post is to last year’s)
  2. This is 100% unofficial and should not be trusted. In fact, you probably shouldn’t even look at it; just ignore this post and move on.
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Teams 62-69 should just leave D1 and disperse in D2 within the MACH conference or something. Just play competitive hockey at that point. Why try to swing yourself off as a D1 team when they could try to find success at D2.

Thank you! I appreciate this!

Yes, thanks fishbert. Does anyone have a link to the full ACHA D1 computer rankings? They have not been posted to the ACHA site for 2019-20.