So, I did a thing... again... again... again... again

  1. Don’t expect this to be updated right away every week; I am very busy and don’t have as much time to devote to this sort of stuff as I have had in the past. (evidence: note how similar this post is to last year’s)
  2. This is 100% unofficial and should not be trusted. In fact, you probably shouldn’t even look at it; just ignore this post and move on.
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Teams 62-69 should just leave D1 and disperse in D2 within the MACH conference or something. Just play competitive hockey at that point. Why try to swing yourself off as a D1 team when they could try to find success at D2.

Thank you! I appreciate this!

Yes, thanks fishbert. Does anyone have a link to the full ACHA D1 computer rankings? They have not been posted to the ACHA site for 2019-20.

Some people in black SUVs came to my door to “persuade” me not to say anything until Wednesday. Actually, the delay has given me time to work on something else that will also be revealed soon.

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Will there be a new thing again this year?