So, I did a thing…

  1. Don’t expect this to be updated right away every week; I am very busy and don’t have as much time to devote to this sort of stuff as I have had in the past.
  2. This is 100% unofficial and should not be trusted. In fact, you probably shouldn’t even look at it; just ignore this post and move on.

Trooper! Love the passion!

Interesting! When you have a moment, can you try applying your 4 different ranking algos on past years’ historical rankings to determine correlation with final tournament performance?

Hmmm, a quick scan of the previous two years appears to indicate that the GD=1 & KRACH ranking methods appear to have fared significantly better at predicting final outcomes than the GD=7 ranking method did…

Thanks for doing this again and for posting these, Fish.

Will you be adding M2 and M3 teams that played M1 teams to the GD=1 and GD=7 rankings as in years past? As a follower of both M2 and M1, I find it interesting to see those comparisons, even if based on a limited number of games.

Probably not.

That is pretty awesome!

This is fantastic! Thanks for doing again!

So… any chance you can do that thing again?

Would be, oh, so great!