South Division Talk?

So… Scrolling through Twitter and see that John Buccigross (who those that don’t know is a big fan of ACHA hockey) retweeted one of Oakland’s former player who is now playing for FAU? Made me think… Who is going to be contenders in the south this year?

FAU has been a pretty weak team the past few years but who knows… maybe they picked up a bunch of new players and are starting to build a decent group.

UCF looks to have added some new, taller players according to their website. Looks as if they lost some seniors but were able to fill those spots.

UTampa has a solid squad and can be a threat to any team. Looks like they’ve added a few new freshman too. They went to nationals last year and are a team to watch out for…

FGCU’s tryouts are this coming week. With their D2 team winning the national championship last year, I can imagine a lot of kids shining light and flocking there to contend for a spot on both teams. Guess we will have to wait and see.

USF looks to have lost seniors last year some skaters due to graduation but I am sure they have some new recruits to fill in.

Anyone have any intel or hear any rumors floating around about the South? Lets hear it!