Unqualified officials

The officialiating in Oklahoma is an embarrassment
Making a call in over time is almost never called but to make a call for checking too hard (his explanation of his call) on what was a great legal shoulder to shoulder check is embarrassing to the league.
Game changer
Something needs to be done to train these wannabes on how the to officiate a game
It’s hurting the game

I’m sorry your son got caught boarding an opponent, Mr. Wyatt. Maybe he’ll get away with it next time. Best to keep your chin up and try to forget that his #6 team lost at home to #23.

Not Mr Wyatt but nice try. It’s not boarding when the player is against the boards and is checked but glad you have no clue
The check was clean. Maybe the player that got rocked should be a stronger skater

Well, that’s embarrassing. My apologies, Ms. Wyatt.
Regardless, there’s no shame in losing to Oklahoma at home this season; they’ve been really tearing it up and look set to make a deep run at nationals.

Lol your clueless but I’m not surprised


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“It’s not boarding when the player is against the boards and is checked but glad you have no clue”.

Hmm, couldn’t seem to find that language in the definition…

Rule 603 | Boarding
(Note) Boarding is the action where a player pushes, trips or body checks an opponent causing them to go dangerously into the boards. This includes: Accelerating through the check to a player who is in a vulnerable position, driving an opponent excessively into the boards with no focus on or intent to play the puck, or any check delivered for the purpose of punishment or intimidation that causes the opponent to go unnecessarily and excessively into the boards.

The onus is on the player delivering the check to avoid placing a vulnerable or defenseless opponent in danger.

(a) A minor plus a misconduct or major plus game misconduct penalty shall be assessed for boarding an opponent.

“Rolling” an opponent along the boards where he is attempting to go through too small an opening is not considered boarding.

(b) A major penalty plus game misconduct penalty shall be assessed to any player who injures an opponent as a result of boarding.

© A match penalty for attempt to injure or deliberate injury to an opponent may also be assessed for boarding.


And this check does NOT meet any of the rules explanation

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That is the USA Hockey Rule Book reference. Here is the NCAA Rule Book reference.

Physical Fouls
Rule 42 - Boarding
42.1 Boarding - A player shall not body check, cross-check, elbow, charge or trip an opponent from the front or side in such a manner that causes the opponent to be thrown violently into the boards (see Rule 50).
PENALTY—Minor or major at the discretion of the referee, based on
degree of violence of the impact with the boards. A game misconduct or disqualification may be assessed at the discretion of the referee.

No dog in this fight, yet seems as original poster talking exactly about last sentence - “…at the discretion of the referee…” and his perceived qualifications.

It seems to be happening most everywhere - if you don’t like it, try to ref yourself and perhaps only then you could criticize.

Speaking of unqualified officials - Don’t know much about Oklahoma, but The Referee at College Station, TX seems to have a good grasp on the term Judge, Jury, and Executioner
Heck, even Zamboni had his name on it. :grin:

Never assume
I reffed for 15 years
Coached for 30
Played for 40 plus years
So yes I do know what I’m talking about
But this conversation is over. Admin is a sooner homer just not worth arguing anymore

Ah, so it’s Grandpa Wyatt.
Glad we got that sorted out.

You have no idea who your talking too
Not related to the Wyatts in anyway

I thought you said this conversation was over.
Getting forgetful in your old age?