WCHL 2017-2018, Utah and UNLV

With Utah being an independent, and UNLV moving up next year, do you think these teams will move to the WCHL? It seems smart at least from the side that they can be travel partners.

Also, how about Utah with the sweep of U of A?

Excited to see how they play against CSU, and ISU coming up.

That would be great and I assume AJ would jump at the chance, if it was offered to Utah.

It was a nice weekend in Tucson.

If the Utes can go 4-2 in their next 6 games, I assume they will be going to Nationals(need a top 20 ranking, right?).

I’m interested to see how they do tonight/tomorrow against Jamestown.

Solid weekend for the Utes. Lost 0-2 to Jamestown on Friday night. Utah wins in a shootout Saturday night.