West Weekend 11/10-11/12


BYU 4 vs Wyoming 3 in OT

Anyone know a score from the Weber vs Texas A&M game last night?

Weber State 10
Texas A &M 4

USU 7 - Texas A&M 3.

Shots 56-23 USU

Going to be a rough weekend for the Texas Aggies.

11-11-16: BYU 1 @ N. Colorado 6
Shots 73-19 UNC

Yeah, that game was ridiculous. Refs were a joke. I lost count but unc got like 20 powerplays. totally not kidding. BYU got maybe 2. unc guys and fans were yelling at the refs to stop and let the guys play. unc shot click registers 78. BYU goalie was amazing. Unc was the better team but byu got hosed bad,real bad

MSU Denver 5 - DU 3

With MSU joining D2, this has potential to build as a good rivalry. Two schools in the city of Denver. MSU and UNC still a strong hold over rivalry from D3. If/when CSU D3 makes the change, CSU vs UNC will be natural rivals. CU vs CSU also an “all sports” rivalry.

This league shaping up to be a strong league in the West division for the coming years. Mix in the Utah schools, WY/MT schools and AZ/So Cal/NV and the formula in place for a 4 conference League.