What's going on with M2?

For this thread let’s not talk about the streaming as I do not expect us to get the answers we need due to ACHA working with another company.

With that out of the way, the ACHA has complete control of entering of scores and social media. It has been extremely difficult to follow the games. There is a game from Thursday and multiple games from Friday that have not had their scores entered. Social media has been inconsistent as well, I don’t think we are asking for a lot but give us an update on a goal, period end, and final. These are simple things that are within the ACHA’s control, I would be very interested in what is causing the issues on getting these addressed. Did everyone leave after M1 rolled out of town or is the M1 commissioner much more organized?

I agree, the website was not kept up to date.

The ACHA D2 twitter account was up to date and gave pretty good live updates.

I will give golive a little credit…when the feed was working, it was very nice to watch both D2 games at once on a laptop.

The rink that the D2 used had no internet. It only had a poor wifi connection which was why the scores were not reported in real time. Go Live people left early and left D2 scrambling. A few coaches had to take the scoresheets back to their hotel rooms to put the stats in and that was usually late at night. Do not blame the ACHA please

The rink where D2 was at had decent cell service if you walked over near the entryway or went outside.

That is correct but there was no service to live score the games or even after the game because the wifi was so busy. you can’t take the computer outside to score the games right after them.

100% completely blame the ACHA. Unless you are going to try to claim that the person entering scores didn’t have any access to the interwebs anywhere, anytime during the entire tournament. Sorry but on this one they are at fault, period.

I don’t know if I’m alone in this, but I was pretty disappointed with the regional and national tournaments. The Central Regional never even had a website up and running, even though the Michigan Website referenced that one would be created. Are there any standards that the host team agrees to before they are awarded the opportunity to host?

The National rinks did not look to be very nice and the streaming coverage was very basic (and that’s being kind). Most of us have become used to a little nicer product during our junior hockey days. The ability to rewind, watch the games in their entirety even if you can’t log on at the exact moment they are live, and or an onscreen clock or scoreboard. For all the hype of having all the games being in Columbus and what a big event is was supposed to be, it was quite a disappointment for me. And to know that the ACHA has committed to these venues for the next several years is disheartening, unless they can make some improvements.

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I know the stream had a lot of issues, but the rinks themselves weren’t bad. One of the sheets in Dublin for pool play had much better seating than the other, but there was an elevated area where you could get a pretty good view of play on either of their two rinks. And the facility downtown where the semis and the final took place was really quite good… excellent, even.